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Fire Equipment

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Wet and Dry Riser Sprinkler

Sprinklers and Dry Risers are fire suppression systems that bring large quantities of water to extinguish or to prevent the spread of fire. As a result they offer an extremely effective means of fire protection.


A dry riser system is similar except that the pipes are not kept full of water (usually where there is a risk of freezing) but instead contains pressurized air and valves to let water through if a fire is detected. In dry riser systems, the Fire Brigade would connect their hoses to the inlet and pump water in.


A wet riser is a system of valves and pipe work which are kept permanently charged with water. A wet riser is kept permanently charged with water either directly from a storage tank, via booster pumps or fed directly from the town’s main water supply.


With sprinkler systems, detectors are used throughout the building to automatically trigger the suppression system if a fire is detected. These systems are commonly used in commercial premises and increasingly also in domestic properties where owners want to limit potential damage to their property. Sprinklers come in a variety of designs to suit any application.